About Us

Miami’s freshest Mexican street food experience.

At Coyo Taco, guacamole is smashed to order and tortillas are handcrafted on-site in an authentic Mexican tradition. Vegetables are farm fresh and responsibly sourced. Meat and seafood are naturally raised and humanely treated. Agua frescas and margaritas are made from scratch. Staying true to our todo fresco, or ‘everything fresh’ philosophy, our ingredients are 100% natural.

Our Amazing Team

Our team consists of a multi-cultural pool of individuals who specialize in the resturaunt and hospitality industry. The founders of Coyo Taco were inspired to bring great Mexican cuisine and great music together, which can be experienced at each Coyo Taco location.


Alan Drummond
Sven Vogtland
Chef Scott linQuist

“Looking forward to seeing you at one of our locations soon!”